About Us

Welcome to SOONYS Dancewear.

SOONYS Dancewear was developed and designed by Soony Costello. Her daughter Jadyn came to her one day and asked for some fun ballet skirts. After some trial and error SOONYS dancewear was born. Soon after Jadyn started wearing her new skirts her friends purchased a few skirts and they were soon a hit! Everyone at the studio started wearing them. In four months time it went from a fun idea, to a full line of dancewear, to shipping across the world.

About Soony: Soony Costello has been an internet entrepreneur since 1999. From 1999 to 2009 Soony ran, in partnership, a web development company which provided web hosting and website development. During that time they created various great looking websites for customers. They contracted with various businesses across the United States for website development and support.

After Jadyn was born in 2002 Soony left Intel to pursue her own business ventures. Soony started an online personalized teddy bear business. The concept was to create a low cost “franchise” opportunity. A member that joined paid a low startup and monthly fee. Within 24 hours the member had a duplicate site and generated a 40% income off of all product sales sold through their website. Soony in turn generated a monthly recurring income as well as income from all product sales. The business expanded throughout the years and has been written up in the Home Based Business Magazine in 2003, Mom’s Business Magazine in 2004, and the First & Main Newsletter in 2005. Soony sold the business in 2009 to pursue other business ventures.

Soony also created her own baby product line. Soony designed several products which were sent to China to create product samples. After several revisions and final sample approval, negotiated costs, quantities, and colors to manufacture and import the products. Soony worked with the company and made sure that all products met American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM) standards for imports. After over a year of running the business and selling the product line at wholesale and retail Soony sold the baby product line for profit to continue to pursue other business ventures.

Soony was running her web development part time but now is running SOONYS dancewear full time! More designs will be posted soon so please check back often.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jadyn Williams